Santorini….King of the Cyclades Islands

Santorini…….King of the Cyclades Islands

Sometimes words are not enough to describe the heavenly beauty of the Greek Island of Santorini. For its appearance and unusual beauty, Santorini can “blame” one large volcanic eruption that destroyed much of Greek civilisation thousands of years ago, separating the island from the land, giving it an unusual shape. In addition to its beauty, this King of the Cyclades Islands is also known for its many legends and stories, and many believe that Santorini is long lost Atlantis.

Santorini is the most picturesque, most popular and most visited island, belonging to the island group Cyclades. This is a typical Greek Island of volcanic origin, and together with the surrounding islands it occupies an area of ​​90.6 kms. Santorini is best known for being the world’s largest sea volcano, which is still active, but there is no reason to worry because seismologists closely monitor its activities. The island of Santorini is 18 km long and six feet wide. At one place, it is only one kilometre wide. The asphalt road leads from south to north. The largest place is Fira, a smaller one Pirgos, and the smallest village is Oia. The climate on this volcanic island is mild, the summers are dry and pleasant, and the winters are mild and rainy. The village of Oia is certainly the best known in Santorini. This “blue village” has only one street and houses on three sides. It is special because it connects with the sky and because of the houses in all shades of blue. The windows are lined with white colour, the doors are blue, the houses have no roof, no form – they are carved in the rock. The whole hill is a hotel with terraces and pools. It is a bohemian place and has the most beautiful and the smallest galleries along the only street. Some are so small that they can be looked at from the threshold. At the foot of the village there is an airport runway and a famous black beach, which is visited by tourists from all over the world. Fira is a bit bigger place; it has the most churches, tavernas, and colourings. The beaches of Santorini belong to the most beautiful in the Mediterranean: covered with white, red, grey or black sand, and the water is deep and crystal clear. Famous Santorini beaches are located along the eastern and southeastern side of the island, each of them having special characteristics. Most of the beaches are well organised, equipped with chairs, umbrellas, there are cafes and restaurants, and most of them provide excellent conditions for water sports. The sights that you should definitely visit while you are in Santorini are the prehistoric city of Akrotiri and the youngest volcanic islands in the eastern Mediterranean, Palea Kameni and Nea Kameni.

At Santorini you can find accommodation in hotels, resorts, villas, but you can rent a room in any part of the island. If you want to have a view of the island and the sea, the Volcano View by the Caldera Collection hotel in Fira is a great choice. In a place called Kamari you will find a wide selection of hotels, and some of the famous are Atlas Boutique, located 150m from the beach and near the restaurants and bars, the Aphrodite Venus Hotel located on the beach in the centre of Kamari, Antinea Hotel and Hotel Blue Sea. Welcome to the magical Santorini!

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